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Field Service KPI Examples_new

Field Service KPI Examples: Key Metrics to Boost Efficiency and Performance

July 5, 2023

Streamline workflows and maximize resource utilization with field service KPI examples. Discover key metrics to boost efficiency and performance.

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Inflation Reduction Act for HVAC Understanding Its Impact on Contractors

Inflation Reduction Act for HVAC: Understanding Its Impact on Contractors

May 18, 2023

Discover the latest IRA provisions and how you can take advantage of these government incentives to reduce costs and better serve your customers.

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Are Home Improvements Tax Deductible

Are Home Improvements Tax Deductible? An HVAC Guide

May 9, 2023

Learn whether home improvements are tax deductible for homeowners, and how you can help your clients claim federal tax credits.

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Conduit Tech Announces Seed Financing

Conduit Tech Announces Seed Financing to Support HVAC Professionals Driving Energy Efficiency

April 12, 2023

Conduit Tech, a start-up working to accelerate the installation of high-efficiency HVAC systems, today announced the successful close of their Seed Series financing round led by BEV. Founded by Bill Gates and backed by many of the world’s top business leaders, BEV has raised more than $2 billion in committed capital to support cutting-edge companies that are leading the world to net-zero emissions.

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HVAC Sales Tips to Help Your Business Convert More Leads

April 6, 2023

You’ve worked hard on your digital marketing strategy to gather enough HVAC sales leads to take your business to the next level, it's time to nurture those prospects into paying customers.

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California Title 24 HVAC Code of Regulations

California Title 24 HVAC Code of Regulations

March 15, 2023

Get a refresher on what California Title 24 means for your HVAC business and rediscover effective strategies for successful HVAC regulatory compliance.

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HVAC Contractors Use These Marketing Strategies to Grow Their Businesses

HVAC Contractors Use These Marketing Strategies to Grow Their Businesses

Feb. 13, 2023

Struggling to stand out in your HVAC market? These HVAC contractor marketing strategies will help you remember ways to take your business to the next level.

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Breakthrough Energy Fellows

Oct. 4, 2022

Today, Breakthrough Energy officially welcomed a second cohort of Breakthrough Energy Fellows (BE Fellows) to its global program designed to support the development of cutting-edge climate technologies.

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Conduit Tech is awarded funding from TomKat's Innovation Transfer Program

July 14, 2022

We are developing a residential HVAC sensor-enabled data platform that saves property owners and contractors time and money by monitoring for drops in efficiency, predicting future maintenance events, identifying timely upgrades that move homes to net zero paths, and suggesting optimal installation designs.

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2023 07 17 Stock HOme Image

Unveiling Energy-Saving Secrets: How to Help Customers Cut Electric Bills

July 21, 2023

Review the four steps to helping customers think through their energy efficiency upgrades!

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5 factors that drive furnace replacement costs and heat pump installation costs

July 13, 2023

Learn about the five factors that drive furnace replacement costs, heat pump installation costs and AC installation costs.

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Energy Efficiency Evaluations for Contractor Business Growth

5 Reasons Energy audits are A Must-Have Service for HVAC Contractors

July 26, 2023

Learn how you can grow your business by Offering Energy Audits.

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Conduit Tech

Homeowner Resources: An HVAC Retrofit Checklist

July 24, 2023

Know the ins and outs of achieving a high-efficiency home, starting with a properly-sized heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

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building hvac science logo

Building HVAC Science: Bill Spohn & Shelby Breger

July 26, 2023

In this podcast, you'll have the opportunity to hear a conversation between Conduit Tech's Co-Founder, Shelby Breger, and Bill Spohn, President of TruTech Tools.

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3D Models for HVAC

Four ways LiDAR Technolgy & Floor Plan Creation will change your HVAC Business

June 21, 2023

Learn about the best floor plan software, and how you can leverage LiDAR to catalyze your business

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Conduit Tech

Why Load Calculations are the Sales Tool You’re Missing

June 23, 2023

Discover the ways you can use load calculations and load calculation software to build value with your customers

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Multiple types of units

5 Reasons why Inverter Systems drive Customer Satisfaction

Aug. 15, 2023

Learn the basics about inverter systems, and critically, how they can help you drive customer satisfaction. We cover the reduction in ongoing operational expenses and longer system lifetime that will support your customers - and help grow your business.

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2023 HVAC Price Increases

2023 HVAC Price Increases: Helpful Insights for Contractors

July 17, 2023

Unlock the potential of your HVAC business with Conduit Tech. Our innovative solutions can help you navigate the impact of the HVAC price increases in 2023.

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Understanding the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

July 12, 2023

Discover how the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) plays a crucial role in helping HVAC contractors provide optimal solutions to their customers.

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Conduit Tech

How to Win On Site by Selling Energy Efficiency

June 30, 2023

Selling energy efficiency can help you stand out - learn our tips in this article!

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Energy Efficient Homes 101

Energy-Efficient Homes 101: Expert Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption

June 29, 2023

Discover the benefits of energy-efficient homes and how HVAC contractors help homeowners save energy and money. Get expert tips and insights in this guide.

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software image

The Four Types of HVAC Software that will Grow Your Business

June 16, 2023

Dive into the four key types of HVAC software that will help supercharge your business.

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Conduit Tech

The Quick Guide to HVAC Sizing Techniques According to ACCA Manual J

June 5, 2023

Learn about load sizing according to ACCA Manual J, and how you can leverage load calculation software to select the right equipment for every home.

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Big AC unit small house

The 90 Second Sales Diagnostic

Sept. 8, 2023

Wondering how your team's sales practices compare to teams across the country? You can leverage our sales diagnostic to check it out.

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Digital Marketing Building Blocks: Brand Identity for HVAC Pros

Sept. 14, 2023

Learn how to translate your Established Brand Identity into the Digital Ecosystem

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Happy face Marketing Report

HVAC Marketing: Effective Websites for Conversions

Sept. 15, 2023

Learn the building blocks for HVAC Contractor Marketing.

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Marketing Report Submission (2 fixed)

Crushing Slow Season with SEO & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Sept. 18, 2023

Learn about the opportunities in Pay-Per-Click Advertising, that you can build on to drive business growth.

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Marketing Report Submission bar chart fixed

The 5 Steps to Mastering Social Media for HVAC Contractors

Sept. 19, 2023

Follow along in this article to grow your audience - and your customer basis - through community engagement with Social Media

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Email Marketing

3 Ways to Excel in Email Marketing

Sept. 20, 2023

Learn how email marketing can be a powerful digital tool to serve your HVAC customers.

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Conduit Tech

How to Measure Infiltration in Residential Buildings

Sept. 25, 2023

Measuring infiltration is challenging - but leveraging these tips can help you figure out the right level of tightness for a home.

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Why do a HVAC load calculation?

Sept. 26, 2023

Learn about why a load calculation can serve as the map to your sales process in this short video, directly from Chris Morin.

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Conduit Tech

The Factors that drive Heat Loss Calculations: U-Values and BTUs Simplified

Sept. 26, 2023

Dive into the details of factors that drive Heat Loss Calculations: U-Values and BTUs.

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Conduit Tech

How to Evaluate Home Infiltration Levels

Sept. 27, 2023

Discover how to evaluate home infiltration, otherwise known as air exchange, using both a blower door and inspection.

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