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Best HVAC Software for Small Business Efficiency & Growth

June 16, 2023

Dive into the four key types of HVAC software that will help supercharge your business.

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The Importance of HVAC Software for Business Growth

Your team works hard to drive results for your customers every day - and the more efficient you can be with high quality results, the more happy customers you can serve to grow your business. Implementing a suite of HVAC Software for small businesses presents an opportunity to dramatically increase your efficiency, saving time and money - so let’s review some of the best HVAC software for small business growth.

Overview of the 4 types of HVAC Software for Small Businesses

There are great tools across each stage of the customer journey that can help your team with marketing, field service management, sales & commissioning.

1. Managing Leads: Marketing

Your average lead may cost between $200-300, all in. Software can make sure that every opportunity counts, with three key types:

  1. Field Service Management platforms with Customer Relationship Management tooling, such as Service Titan and HouseCall Pro, come embedded with access to services that enable outbound marketing, or integrate with marketing automation efforts.
  2. Marketing automation platforms, such as Podium, can help grow audiences and improve ratings that support inbound lead generation, while platforms like MailChimp can help automate outbound marketing efforts.
  3. Lead generation platforms, such as Angi, HomeAdvisor and, can help match demand to your teams.

2. Managing Your Workforce & Customers: Field Management Software

Field Management Software is often critical to manage both your workforce and your customers, ranging from support in customer scheduling to HVAC dispatching to creating invoices. Ultimately, this type of HVAC software for small businesses can simplify scheduling, reduce time to service the customer (estimated by up to 20% by Service Fusion), optimize the matching of the right techs to the right job, and improve customer satisfaction (estimated to be 15% by HouseCall Pro).

This is easily complemented by scheduling software, like Schedule Engine, which can help enable service quickly, which in turn can enhance conversion. A study by ServiceM8 showed that HVAC companies using their appointment scheduling tool reduced missed appointments by 35%.

Together, these platforms can reduce operational costs, and improve conversion rates - all driving to a better bottom line.

3. Managing your sales process: Load Calculation, Sales & HVAC Invoicing Software

Building value on site with your customer often means a custom approach, tailored uniquely to the homeowner’s needs and home. Three types of HVAC software for small businesses will help you get there:

  1. Load calculation software - Load calculations not only play a powerful part in building the right solution, but also demonstrating to your customer your unique expertise. Software like Conduit Tech’s on-site field survey tooling enables you to build 3D models of homes with LiDAR, 2D floor plans, and an accurate load calculation, all within 15 minutes.
  2. Sales management software can help drive rapid efficiency by ensuring that your team follows a standardized, easy to follow process. According to a case study by Coolfront, HVAC companies using sales management software achieved a 25% improvement in sales team productivity, before counting the impact it could have on your install team’s efficiency.
  3. HVAC invoicing and quoting tools - HVAC businesses often see an increase in sales conversion - at times up to 20% just from using proposal and quoting tools on site.

4. Commissioning Your Install

Now that you’ve brought in the customer and sold the system, your goal is always to deliver the best solution cost-effectively and commission as quickly as possible. A few of the best HVAC software for small businesses can help:

  1. Commissioning software and checklists - A standardized process through connected tools feels futuristic, but it’s a reality today, with measureQuick’s platform. measureQuick enables testing and automatic reporting on the commissioning process with its wireless tool platform - streaming data and running diagnostics, to ensure the installation is set up correctly the first time. Across other platforms, such as Building Reports and FieldAward, commissioning software has been found to reduce commissioning time by between 30-40%, and increase customer satisfaction by up to 25%.
  2. Ongoing monitoring - predictive HVAC maintenance and monitoring not only can help drive conversion of your HVAC service agreements, but can also create revenue opportunities. By offering a “smart” maintenance plan using tools such as SmartAC and Residio, you can ensure a correct installation and that you remain top of mind with your customers. You’ll be the first to know about any future challenges and opportunities in the home, and the first to solve them.


Running a successful business takes your time and brainpower, but leveraging the recent innovative platforms coming to market - from sales software to commissioning, can reduce the amount of time you spend on every job, without sacrificing quality. By leveraging these technologies, you’ll have the best HVAC software for small businesses to can help you increase revenue, and provide better services to their customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about innovative system sizing and sales software that will reduce time on site and help drive sales, book a time with our team at Conduit Tech.