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HVAC Sales Tips to Help Your Business Convert More Leads

April 6, 2023

You’ve worked hard on your digital marketing strategy to gather enough HVAC sales leads to take your business to the next level, it's time to nurture those prospects into paying customers.


You’ve worked hard on your digital marketing strategy to gather enough HVAC sales leads to take your business to the next level, it's time to nurture those prospects into paying customers. Here, we offer our HVAC sales tips to help boost your lead conversion game in no time.

Your effective HVAC sales process

Making the necessary preparations is a crucial step before the actual site visit. Nobody knows this better than you. We would be happy to offer some suggestions to further strengthen your already sound HVAC sales process. Here are a few ideas to consider adding to your list.

1. Optimized dispatching

You have techs who are incredible at problem solving, and techs that are great at selling. While you may be fortunate to have a team of techs phenomena at both, for many shops Assigning the top HVAC techs with the best sales skills to the most potentially profitable leads can optimize sales results. Bring in the most value per service hour, and leverage the different types of technology that can help you standout.

2. The site visit

At the site, it’s time to do what you do best: build your relationship with your customer and demonstrate your unique expertise. Your structured process of actively listening and asking the right questions can help identify customers' pain points, overcome objections, and offer solutions that meet their specific needs.

3. The perfect solution

Designing the right solution for your customer while building rapport is no easy task, so using HVAC sales software can be beneficial. Tools that make the home inspection less intensive and the cost estimation quick and simple can help you focus on your customer.

Conduit Tech can help smooth the process with its digitized home walk-through, which can run your measurements and calculations for you. The devil is truly in the details, so it’s always best to leave nothing unchecked—from ducts to uneven solar heat gain.

4. The presentation

Using their expertise, the conversation details, and the physical inspection of the rooms and equipment, any HVAC team member can shine when presenting their findings and solutions.

Leveraging technology and HVAC sales and service tools can make you stand out. Conduit Tech offers software that streamlines the HVAC sales process by making the job costing highly customizable and super fast. You can confidently present the good-better-best options while gently nudging the client toward the recommendation that will best serve their needs.

5. The close

Before you begin your closing pitch, you can take a moment to summarize the benefits of your product or service. Asking the customer how they feel about your services can help you overcome objections and further clarify the value you are offering.

After getting the customer’s input and handling their objections, you can feel confident to ask them about moving forward with the installation at a date that’s convenient for them.

How to increase HVAC sales

How you handle HVAC sales leads today will make you and your firm successful, and we know you’ve got the best strategies in your back pocket to make it happen. But here are a few more HVAC sales tips and tricks that might help you turn more prospects into loyal customers at a faster rate:

1. Highlight that you heard your customer’s pain

You know how valuable home walk-throughs can be. They allow the customer to share the challenges they face with their current system. Showing them how your solution meets exactly those pains in your close will make you shine even more.

2. Show your differentiated value when explaining your solution

In our conversations with over 300 firms across the country, you told us how simplifying complex concepts will take you far. Explaining how your solution may meet the airflow issues homeowners see (often felt as cold spots or hot spots in their home) or identifying how you’ll take away that “sticky feeling” they have in their rooms will uniquely show your value. Focusing on the comfort you will bring always goes a long way. Using data, testimonials, and case studies can also support your suggestions.

3. Offer financing options

We all know how much equipment prices have risen over the last three years, and many customers aren’t prepared for the cost of the right solution.According to a report by Motili, HVAC manufacturers have increased prices by as much as 38% in 2022. Offering real-time financing or payment plans can make it easier for the prospect to figure out how they will pay for the right HVAC system for their home.

4. Know the available rebates

Combining financing and rebates can be highly advantageous for homeowners - especially those who may be unaware of which home improvements are tax deductible. You'll further cement your reputation as an elite provider if you can find them cost-saving opportunities.

5. Amp up your follow-throughs

Being able to quote on-site with HVAC software like Conduit Tech can give you the ability to do a follow-up within a day or two of your initial consultation. This can help set you apart from contractors who use manual calculations that a client has to wait for.

6. Invest in sales training

The field personnel's credibility, expertise, authority, and communication style can impact your prospect's willingness to act on your company’s pitch. Your team is your unique value, and investing in your team like you do today, will always help bolster morale and your HVAC sales processes.

Closing the deal with Conduit Tech

At Conduit Tech, we can help you shine and do what you do best. Our cutting-edge HVAC software helps HVAC pros to design, sell, and install customized systems easily and efficiently.

Find out how Conduit Tech can help you take your business to the next level—request a demo today!