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Manual J in 15 minutes?

March 21, 2024

Dial into this podcast with Bryan Orr from HVAC School & Shelby Breger from HVAC School. Discover how Conduit Tech's lidar-enabled software, is revolutionizing HVAC design and sales for contractors. This innovative tool allows for rapid 3D home modeling and accurate load calculations, enhancing efficiency and customer experience.

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In this episode, Conduit Co-Founder, Shelby Breger explains that the core goal is to empower contractors to deliver better-designed systems more efficiently while enhancing the customer experience. Homeowners get to see the level of work and customization involved, building appreciation for the contractor's services. The visuals help communicate potential comfort issues and how the proposed solution uniquely addresses their home's needs.

Conduit Tech is focused on solving fundamental industry pain points identified through continuous feedback from their contractor user base. The software has evolved to provide more flexibility to adapt to the realities of home visits. New features like augmented reality equipment visualization further enhance the customer engagement capabilities.

Topics covered include:

  • How Conduit Tech's lidar scanning and modeling works Using the software for room-by-room or whole home load calculations Integrating data sources like property records, ASHRAE design conditions, etc.
  • Aligning with ACCA Manual J methodologies and certifications Improving load calculation accuracy through real-world monitoring
  • Leveraging technology to streamline processes across sales, design, and installation
  • The value proposition for contractors and homeowners
  • Roadmap for adding features based on user feedback How contractors can get started with Conduit Tech's software